Connecting with your patients

2 Hours 12 Minutes 22 Seconds

I created a video that teaches how I work. If you want to watch it, join my WhatsApp group and I’ll send you information.

This is A SMALL PART not ALL of what I teach in LIVE SEMINARS with THE ACADEMY OF ACUPUNCTURE. I go into MORE EXTENSIVE DETAIL in live training. This video is just a taste of what I teach live.

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​This video specifically teaches how I keep my practice full to capacity 80-100%+ of the time. I treat patients in 15 tables and chairs every hour. Typically, my main 5 tables and 4 recliners in the treatment room ARE FILLED. My 6 overflow antigravity chairs will be filled especially during my evening and afternoon shifts. My patients stay 45 minutes minimum to 2+ hours.

In this 2 hour and 12 minute video I break down how these first 13 concepts below are PRECURSORS to the next 20 concepts in really building strong relationships with your patients to create sustainable changes in your patients' lives, and in effect, how those forged relationships tremendously benefit your practice. 

1. Be Ready

2. Increase Your Value

3. Take Full Responsibility

4. The Importance of Content


6. How to Sell Yourself

7. Be Motivated & Confident

8. Keeping Momentum

9. Maximize Your Practice to Capacity

10. Keep Your Practice Full Consistently

11. Be Happy With Your Practice

12. Prioritize Your Activities & Earn More Money

13. Don't Cut Corners

The major 20 concepts discussed in this video are:


1. Your patients did their due diligence to find the best acupuncturist

2. Understand exactly what your patients want

3. Your patients' time and your time are extremely valuable

4. You are your patients' leader

5. You dictate the flow of your practice

6. Guide your patients along their healing journey

7. Honesty with your patients

8. Help your patients make realistic and sustainable lifestyle changes

9. Changing thought processes to create better and long-lasting results

10. Speak with confidence

11. Care about your work

12. Keep up with your medical training and business training

13. The value of your patients' identities

14. Relate with your patients' cultures

15. Related with your patients' hobbies

16. Know what topics would be harmful to bring up with your patients

17. Be likeable

18. Create solutions for your patients

19. How to share your Chinese medical diagnoses with your patients

20. Prepare your patients' mindset for acupuncture therapy BEFORE they come in that day for treatment

Cost: $100 US
$75 for An's Elite Black Belts

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