under promise & over deliver

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1 Hour & 42 Minutes

I created a video that teaches how I work. If you want to watch it, join my WhatsApp group and I’ll send you information.

This is A SMALL PART not ALL of what I teach in LIVE SEMINARS with THE ACADEMY OF ACUPUNCTURE. I go into MORE EXTENSIVE DETAIL in live training. This video is just a taste of what I teach live.

My work can be found at: https://www.elementsinharmonyacupuncture.com/

​This video specifically teaches how I keep my practice full to capacity 80-100%+ of the time. I treat patients in 15 tables and chairs every hour. Typically, my main 5 tables and 4 recliners in the treatment room ARE FILLED. My 6 overflow antigravity chairs will be filled especially during my evening and afternoon shifts. My patients stay 45 minutes minimum to 2+ hours.

In this 1 hour and 42 minute video I really break down:

1. The value of your services and how you price your services

2. Understanding the value of giving more than what you are paid for

3. Increasing your value as a doctor

4. Understanding the demographics of the patients you really want to treat

5. How to separate yourself as a doctor from all of the other acupuncturists in your entire county

6. Discussing how much time you spend with your patients and how long you allow them to stay in your healing center  

7. What are you bringing to the table as a doctor?

8. The EXACT RECIPE that the late Grandmaster Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan shared with me since 2006 (I started practice in 1999)

9. Understanding UNDER MARKET, MARKET and OVER MARKET value

10. The incredible importance of correct content on your website

11. Why patients would change acupuncturists

12. What you need to do to be the most effective acupuncturist for your patients

13. Discussing health goals with patients

14. How I handle challenging patients

15. Paying attention to DETAILS in your work as a doctor

16. CREATING new habits as a doctor and as a student

17. What each acupuncturist has to do differently in order to become SUCCESSFUL


Cost: $100 US
$75 for An's Elite Black Belts

To watch this video: Contact Anna on WhatsApp 1-619-341-4341 USA

1-619-341-4341 USA

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