Make More Money

1. Add tremendous value to your community.

2. Do what other acupuncturists in your community are unwilling to do.

3. Work longer hours. 

4. Listen to audios daily.

5. Write your goals down daily.

6. Read your books daily. 

7. Attend seminars frequently. 

8. Fully understand your value.

9. Never sell yourself short. 

10. Don't make excuses. 

11. Interact daily only with people who will drive you to success.

12. Be lavish with your praises.

13. Drive others to their successes. 

14. Do not ever take part in gossip.

15. Guard your energy. 

16. Pay attention to details.

17. Let go of expectations of others.

18. Meet people where they're at. 

19. Focus on your marketing daily. 

20. Know your market. 

21. Have an open mind.

22. No one is your competition. 

23. Speak kindly of everyone you interact with, no matter what. 

24. Remember that you are a business owner. 

25. Act as if you are a business owner.

26. Behave like a doctor.

27. Keep your religion and politics to yourself. 

28. Respect other people's opinions.

29. Buy gifts for people. 

30. Focus on building the people in your team.

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