The How

1 Hour 48 minutes

I created a video that teaches how I work. If you want to watch it, join my WhatsApp group and I’ll send you information.

This is A SMALL PART not ALL of what I teach in LIVE SEMINARS with THE ACADEMY OF ACUPUNCTURE. I go into MORE EXTENSIVE DETAIL in live training. This video is just a taste of what I teach live.

You can learn about my work at:

1. How I get patients in the door

2. How I keep patients returning until they achieve 85%~100% with LONG TERM, SUSTAINED RESULTS

3. How I get Yelps and testimonials (to date, I have 239+ Yelps and MANY, MANY Testimonials)

4. How I get referrals

5. How I price my services 

6. How I prevent NO-SHOWS

7. How I prevent cancellations within 24 hours

8. How I make myself extremely VALUABLE to each and every patient

9. What tools I use to market myself online

10. How I do my e-newsletters


Cost: $100 US
$75 for An's Elite Black Belts

To watch this video: Contact Anna on WhatsApp 1-619-341-4341 USA

1-619-341-4341 USA

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