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April 3, 2021


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The Academy of Acupuncture

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March  Newsletter

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Questions from a doctor inquiring about Anna's Elite Black Belt Program

These questions were answered by 6 EBBs:

Responses by Doctor #1

1. How long is the EBB program?

As much time as you want to commit.


 2. How much time per week is required to be dedicated outside of your practice?

As much as you want to commit.


 3. On average how soon did you begin to see results?

Almost immediately. But you must be clear with which results you are seeking.


 4. How available was Dr. Dolopo during this process if you needed her?

Incredibly available. She will make you feel like a top priority 


 5. I see that some of you are seeing a vast number of patients in a short period of time - many assistants - people that work for you to handle all the non-acupucnture specific tasks such as, making sure rooms inventory is well stocked, overall inventory is re-ordered, phone is answered, scheduling is done, payments received, insurance billed, etc, etc.....

I have just left a clinic where I had access to front desk who would help with cleaning rooms, booking appointments and ask data entry.

Right now I am 11 weeks into my new clinic and I’m flying solo, but I have plans to hire someone soon to help with those tasks.

6. How many rooms do you have available for treatments?

I have five treatment rooms and six treatment spaces.

Responses by Doctor #2

Thank you for asking detailed questions and doing your due diligence.


I joined the EBB in May 2019. 


At the time when I joined, the program was new and as with all ew programs, there may be some growing pains. 


The program now is streamlined and direct.


It allowed me to grow my practice with confidence and move to another larger facility.


I went from 3 treatment rooms to 8 treatment spaces.


Anna works with your pace. I wanted to show myself what I was made of and went fully in "balls to the walls." Excuse my French. 😉


I learned my limitations and broke through so many of my boundaries.


I instantly made more money, saw more patients and reached my goals weekly.


I will say, you'll get what you put into it.


Anna was always available for me when I needed a quick answer. If I had more in depth questions, I would wait for our consultations.


Another benefit are the life long friendships I've created with other blackbelts.


We just hired someone and our office functionality is so much better. I finally feel like I can breathe. Our office assistant is young - this is her first job and she's nailing it. We are helping build her resume. She feels so proud to say she works at a doctors office and is extremely teachable. I love supporting others and providing a space for others to grow too.


I love my 4 hours days. I have too many other goals to reach. 🤩🤩🤩🤩


I've been in private practice for 5 years. I hired Anna Dolopo L. when I was 2.5 years into private practice. 😉

Responses by Doctor #3

I agree with (Doctor #1). The program is as long as you’re willing to commit to it. 

In my experience, I spend a lot of time outside of treating patients to work on building my practice. But this is up to me, my decision. You can put as much or as little as you want into your business, depends on how much or little result you want to see. 

As an EBB, I saw results faster than others around can believe. 

I’m currently a a one-woman-band 😉

Responses by Doctor #4

I am so much happier and productive after getting various lessons from Anna.

I am still at work (7 pm Chicago) running my busy day by myself. Help is always a big plus .

I am so much happier and successful after I got information I need from the first time having a conversation with Anna. The more I was in tune with the program, the more I benefited.

Results came as soon as I started applying my knowledge

Responses by Doctor #5

You won't be disappointed. I was 75/25 ins/cash and was looking to convert to all cash.  When I signed up w/Anna, my staff quit 48 hours later. I nearly crapped my pants! 

Thanks to her systems, support (she was always available when I texted or called) I realized I could streamline and no longer needed staff. Within 3 months, I terminated 7 insurance contracts; currently only have 1 left: no loss of income in the OTHER business consultants have told me in the past!


In fact, my revenue stream went up!

I have 7 treatment rooms

No assistance

See 100+/week

Work 2.5 days/week

Raised my fees $$

As an example: for 1 insurance contract I had to see 10 patients to equal 3.5 patients cash.


I spend about 30 min/ day working on her program. Sometimes more bc I love it.

It's very exciting/stimulating to see each person's videos/posts/successes. Everyone in the EBB is just fabulous and it by default encourages the best in us. 

Please don't delay, you will be so blown away by the internal power you have inside to get everything you want.

Anna's program will surprise you in amazing ways!

Responses by Doctor #5

Same feedback from me. You put in whatever amount of energy and work that suit your need.


I saw result the very next day I started w Anna.


Cut my work hour from 5.5 days to 3.5 days earning the same.


Got rid of 1 insurance. Very happy with where I am now. 4 rooms, no assistant.


If I ever want to expand, I know Anna will help me achieve it in a very short amount of time.

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