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11-11-2020 Testimonial can be found: CLICK HERE

“Today is August 4, 2019. Yesterday I had my third phone consultation with Anna Dolopo. I met Anna two years ago at Dr Eileen Han's seminar in San Diego. We were both pregnant, she with her third and I with my second. I had known of her and seen her presence online. I watched her fervently take notes in CFT even though it was probably her 5th or 15th time taking the class. We went to lunch as a group and I was entranced by her generosity and her energy. She got up to speak about how she approaches marketing as an acupuncturist. I had already been following Dr Han for several years at this point, and other Balance Method practitioners. All were so successful and happy with their practices, which is why I entered this field to begin with, but Anna brought another aspect. She is a successful mother. It wasn't long after the birth of my second baby and a few other meetings that I was begging Anna to teach me in anyway she could.


The first thing she offered me were her Happy Club videos, which I immediately signed up for and began watching. When Dr Han told me Anna would be teaching her own class at the Powerhouse Workshop, I bought my ticket to San Francisco to be there. I took copious notes of everything she said, but at lunch one day I asked the obvious, but not obviously WRONG question, "Anna, everything you said is great, but HOW do you do all this? HOW do you get the testimonials? What website do you use? Can't you give us more of the details?" She smiled very sweetly, and showed me her book.


She said, "This book will make you $7500 this year, if not $75,000 or more in 1-5 years." Was I skeptical? Sure. But, I've been around long enough to know that when someone knows more than you, you listen. You do what they say and work on proving them right.

Well, I'm happy to report that it has been four months since I bought the book. I work in it virtually daily, as she instructs us to do, and I've made already $10,000 more in April-July 2019 than I did April-July 2018.

In addition to the Happy Club, the book, and the seminar, I've also invested in the phone consultations, the subscription videos for acupuncturists, and participate in all of the training through forums she provides.

I'm growing exponentially. I've had more personal growth during this time than I can recall in my life. It's beyond professional, but it's what makes me a better professional. I feel like I'm just getting started, too.

Anna is an excellent teacher. I'm so grateful that Dr Eileen Han has given her a space and platform to help us as acupuncturists grow.


It pains me to see those in our profession struggle needlessly. I became an acupuncturist because I was fortunate enough to see from the beginning, before school, Dr Richard Tan and his students be successful even in a recession. I've been doing well, but even I didn't realize all the self-limiting thoughts and habits I had before working with Anna. It's easy to change and grow under her tutelage.

I highly recommend working with her. I'm looking forward to my $75,000.

Lindsay L. Trottier, DACM, L.Ac.
Practicing at Essential Health Acupuncture
(619) 719-1768

***Dr. Dolopo's note***

One thing I want to clarify:

I tell all of my book buyers:
This $120 book investment - if you WORK IT - should make you an ADDITIONAL $12,000+ this year, $120,000+ in 1-5 years, $1,250,000+ in 5-20 years.


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