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March 22, 2020

San Diego


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The Academy of Acupuncture


Dr. Eileen Han 

This class will be live-streaming.

Topics to Discuss

I have 4 hours to cover MANY concepts. We may not be able to cover EVERYTHING, so come prepared. Let's start ON TIME. Cut your break IMMEDIATELY and let's get ON WITH THE SHOW!

  1. The How

  2. UnderPromise & OverDeliver

  3. Connecting with Your Patients

  4. Be Ready So You Don't Have to Get Ready

  5. Increase Your Value

  6. Take Full Responsibility

  7. The Importance of Content

  8. Free Marketing

  9. How to Sell Yourself

  10. Be Motivated & Confident

  11. Keeping Momentum

  12. Maximize Your Practice to Capacity

  13. Keep Your Practice Full Consistently

  14. Be Happy with Your Practice

  15. Prioritize Your Activities & Earn MORE MONEY

  16. Don't Cut Cortners

  17. An's Business Secrets

  18. Navigating Through the DarknessCopyright Anna Katherine N. Dolopo 2020

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