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"I wholeheartedly recommend Anna's training programs to acupuncturists and anyone else who wants to increase their productivity, efficiency, happiness, business, and impact. 

A few years ago I learned about Anna's treatment success rate and number of Yelp reviews. Take fertility for example, her natural fertility success rate is much higher than that of any ART infertility clinic in the US. I was impressed and bewildered. I had a phone consultation with her to learn how to get Yelp reviews. Sure enough, after applying a little bit of what I learned, I got some great reviews. I was eager to learn more from her. I wanted her results.

Earlier this year I was so elated to learn that she was going to teach The Business Acumen of Successful Acupuncturists! I paid for 3 consultations with her right away, even though I had a full practice already. Because I was tired at the end of the day. I even told some patients if they didn't absolutely need to see me, don't. My new year's resolution for two years had been to work 5 days instead of 6 days, to cut down on the number of patients I see. I kept having this Yo-Yo pattern with my workload: feeling tired with the number of patients I see, reducing my workload, having more energy while seeing less patients, increasing my workload and getting tired again. I knew I really needed a reset. Well, Anna's program did exactly that and a lot (I mean A LOT) more.

I had two main goals. 1. Improve energy. 2. Work more effectively and efficiently. It's been almost three months since I started with Anna's program. I've had two phone consultations with her, bought her book and the How video. I'm listening to audios, writing in her book, implementing changes, and taking good care of myself daily.


The result: I'm energized at the end of the day 90% of the time. I am super happy and focused. New year's resolution accomplished finally! Working 5 days. Having more time for family and myself. I'm seeing 38% more patients daily, with better results. Three months after working with Anna, I have reached and exceeded those goals. 

Anna's program is very flexible and comprehensive:

It helps you at your level. She offers many free lessons to all the students who have taken her class at Dr. Han's training, monthly subscriptions, videos, and private consultations. Your business and personal life benefits no matter which level you are at. 

For all her Elite Black Belts, we are trained at the mind level first. This is a game changer. Even the best seed needs fertile ground and sunshine to grow. This first part of the training prepares that ground and sunshine so that the techniques she teaches will flourish. Even if I'm not in Business, I'm forever indebted to Anna for how effective and happy I move through life now. 

The Elite program attracts and cultivates an amazing group of acupuncturists who are motivated, compassionate, effective, and hard working. The support and inspiration within the group is one of the reasons for the success of everyone. Join the success club!

In her videos, she shares generously exactly how she does things to get results. Her system is REPEATABLE. If you put in the work (a lot at times), you get the result, period. 

Anna is an extremely devoted, generous, and result-oriented mentor. She teaches us to have a burning desire to succeed. And she walks the talk by having a burning desire for our success. E.g. She markets my business 1000 times better than I do. I haven't updated my website in 3 years. She already built a new page on her website for me and marketed me all over social media. 

Thank you, Anna, for changing my life and the lives that I touch. Looking forward to learning from you for many years to come.


Emily Wang, L.Ac., CHt., Ph.D. 

Insight Family Medicine
Supporting Your Body/Mind's Natural Tendency Towards Health and Ease
Tel:   (240) 328-8169 
Fax:  (240) 846-6668


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