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Zoom Training
Ask Dr. Dolopo Anything
Business Acumen or Cases

(doesn't matter what style you practice)

May 11, 2024
8 am PST
1 hour


Please follow the instructions.

Dr. Dolopo started TCM practice on June 22, 1999.

She met Dr. Tan on March 6, 2006 when she started her Balance Method training. 

Dr. Dolopo is a devout student to Balance Method.

She became a Dr. Tan Gold Level Balance Method Acupuncturist in April 2012 at his 60th Birthday Celebration Black Tie Event in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Dr. Dolopo graduated from Dr. Tan's Ba-Zi training in 2015 just before his passing. 

On May 11, Saturday, feel free to ask Dr. Dolopo any questions regarding business acumen and how to treat your cases. 

If you want to learn about Dr. Dolopo's success cases in her clinic: 

click here

This is a 1-hour training. We will start and end on time. 

No refunds. 

Once you pay, Telegram/Text Dr. Dolopo 1-619-341-4341.

Send Dr. Dolopo your questions the moment you pay. 

First questions get addresses first. 

1 hour will be sufficient when answers are simply given efficiently.

Dr. Dolopo will thoroughly prepare your answers PRIOR to the event.

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