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"As a Balance Method practitioner I had been following Anna Dolopo on Facebook for a few years, I was always struck by her positive upbeat personality, her thriving practice and her loving devotion towards Dr. Tan. When Anna said she was going to be forming a small focus group helping practitioners have thriving practices, I signed up instantly, in fact I was the first person to join!! I knew that Anna was someone I wanted to emulate and I knew she would be the perfect mentor for me. However I had no idea what an amazing program I was signing up for. Anna always talks about under-promising and over-delivering, and boy, does she do that!

There are different levels to Anna’s training program, there is a free program where Anna very generously shares on a daily basis different inspiring business/life training videos. Then there are different paid levels – there is a monthly subscription level for Anna’s videos, Anna’s workbook, and paid phone consultations.

I’ve had 3 phone consultations with Anna; what I loved about my phone consultations with Anna is that they are tailor made for you – Anna talks about seeing as many patients as you can physically and emotionally handle, so she is really supportive and encouraging whether you want to be seeing 20 patients a week or 100+ patients a week. Each phone consultation Anna has given me very specific, action-orientated goals to follow/achieve and by doing this I have had a very consistent flow of regular and new patients. After my 1st consultation, I had a 23 percent increase in patients. I no longer worry about whether my practice will be busy because I know that when I am following Anna’s advice / suggestions, and they are very simple practical steps, I and my practice are thriving.

What I love about the Business Acumen of Successful Acupuncturists is that Anna has created a community of supportive, like-minded, hardworking acupuncturists. I get inspired and motivated by seeing how the other acupuncturists in this group are doing.

There is a lot of work to do and you get out of it what you put into it. But I would definitely say the highlight of 2019 for me and my acupuncture practice has been joining the Business Acumen of Successful Acupuncturists and hiring Anna as a mentor. I am profoundly grateful to Anna Dolopo for everything she puts into the Business Acumen of Successful Acupuncturists, it truly is a labor of love, and deeply grateful to Dr. Eileen Han for continuing the work and legacy of Dr. Tan and for asking the amazing Anna to start this group/training program.

Deepest Thanks and Gratitude to you"

Nikki Richman
Metsuyan Wellness
North Bethesda, Maryland

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