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Elite Black Belt Program


To become an Elite Black Belt:

If you prefer to only watch videos 
and not be an Elite Black Belt: click here.

Thank you for your interest to become an Elite Black Belt with The Business Acumen of Successful Acupuncturists!

After you subscribe, please text/Telegram Anna at 1-619-341-4341. 
We will then connect, discuss your goals and start you on your path to success. 
We will discuss WHAT your membership entails during this phone call. 

If you have QUESTIONS regarding the EBB program, please text/Telegram Dr. Dolopo and we will discuss your goals with your acupuncture practice and see if Dr. Dolopo's mentorship is the right fit for you. 

The purpose of the Elite Black Belt Program is to help you make more money. 

1. Make More Money
2. Serve More Patients
3. Feel happier and more confident in your practice!

If you are 100% teachable and
ready to do the work required, SUBSCRIBE and let's get started!

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These videos are 45 minutes-2 hours:

1. Connecting with Your Patients
2 Hours 12 Minutes 22 Seconds

2. The How
1 Hour 48 minutes

3.Performing Your Best Every Day
1 hour 51 minutes 11 seconds

4. Under Promise Over Deliver
1 Hour & 42 minutes

5. How Powerful are You as a Healer?
54 minutes

6. Clarity of Thought
1 hour 11 minutes

7. Anna's "Integration" Technique
1 hour and 10 minutes

8. Be Busy & Profitable
43 minutes

These videos are 10-30 minutes or longer. 

These videos are listed in the order that I published them.

1. Be Ready

2. Increase Your Value

3. Take Full Responsibility

4. The Importance of Content


6. How to Sell Yourself

7. Be Motivated & Confident

8. Keeping Momentum

9. Maximize Your Practice to Capacity

10. Keep Your Practice Full Consistently

11. Be Happy With Your Practice

12. Prioritize Your Activities & Earn More Money

13. Don't Cut Corners

14. An's Business Secrets

15. Navigating through the Darkness


17. Marketing Tools

18. Be Highly Effective Every Day

19. Creating Your Reality

20. Give Them Their Money's Worth & DAZZLE THEM!

21. Goals, Clarity, Creating & Trusting

22. The Power of Your Thoughts

23. Time is Money

24. Take Risks Part 1

25. How to Fill Your Schedule

26. Logistics for Filling Your Practice

27. Honor Your Rates

28. Those Who Pay PAY ATTENTION

29. Laser Focus 

30. Activating Previous Patients

31. Master the Basics part 1

32. Master the Basics part 2

33. Discussing Rates with Patients

34. Goal Setting: Make Money

35. Fundamentals

36. What to do when business slows down

37. Make the Videos

38. Do better business

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Increase your value businessman-hand-choose-cube-wooden-toy-block-with-business-strategy-p
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