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Elite Black Belt Program

To become an Elite Black Belt:

If you prefer to only watch videos 
and not be an Elite Black Belt: click here.

Thank you for your interest to become an Elite Black Belt with 

The Business Acumen of Successful Acupuncturists!

After you subscribe, please text/Telegram Anna at 1-619-341-4341. 

We will then connect, discuss your goals and start you on your path to success. 

We will discuss WHAT your membership entails during this phone call. 

If you have QUESTIONS regarding the EBB program,

please text/Telegram Anna and we will discuss your goals with

your acupuncture practice and see if Anna's mentorship is the right fit for you. 

The purpose of the Elite Black Belt Program is to help you make more money. 

1. Make More Money

2. Serve More Patients

3. Feel happier and more confident in your practice

The FIRST goal is to help you make your money back.

If you are 100% teachable and

ready to do the work required, SUBSCRIBE and let's get started!

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