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Phone Consultation experience

Hi Everyone!


I had my first Elite Black Belt consultation with Anna Dolopo, L.Ac., a couple of days ago and wanted to share my experience⁩.


This woman is a powerhouse with a wealth of information and passion!


The consultation was suppose to be for 1hr but she spent 3 hrs with me!


We went over my current work situation, my goals, my plans for the future, and a lot more.


Besides the phone consultation, my enrollment also included some of her subscription videos. These videos are sooo helpful! Some of the information is basic information that you probably already know, but need to be reminded of or it is information that you know, but don’t know how to implement. Others are new ideas and strategies that I definitely will implement into my practice.


All in all, I’m grateful I’m being coached by Anna. I feel her advice will take me far and make me successful.

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