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This is a training program focused on helping acupuncturists have the correct mindset in order to help MAXIMIZE TO CAPACITY in their current practices. This book took Anna Dolopo 20 years to write based on trials and errors along the journey of opening up her practice and sustaining a living doing what she loves. 


You will benefit tremendously if you were to combine the training in this workbook with phone consultations. Phone consultations are not required, but talking with Anna directly for at least an hour will really help this book come alive. Anna has a very strong vested interest in every one of her students. It is Anna's goal to see all of her mentees succeed. 


This book is Part 1 of a series to help acupuncturists become more deliberate and focused in filling their practices with committed patients. 


Anna teaches in live seminars with The Academy of Acupuncture


Motivating Anna's clients is a small part of her work. She communicates almost daily with her Whatsapp groups, so that her Elite Black Belts have daily action steps to help them stay focused on their chief aims as healers and business owners. 


This book is of tremendous value to all acupuncturists worldwide who want more committed patients who really see the benefit of receiving acupuncture. It took Anna since 1999 to learn many hard-earned lessons. It is her sincere hope that you get so much more than what you paid for. 


Thank you for your consideration and for purchasing this book! After you do so, please follow up with  Anna by sending her a WhatsApp message at 1-619-341-4341 USA. She wants to make sure that you really get the most out of this training program.


Effective marketing is so much more than having a website, brochures, business cards, networking at professional events, etc. You're in the service industry. When people hire you as an acupuncturist, they're hiring you to lead them as a healer. 


Your attitude outweighs anything you spend in marketing dollars. 

***This book is designed to help you earn $7,500+ more - $750,000+ more in 1-10 years. In order for that to happen, you need to have the right mindset, open heart and willingness to EXECUTE on all of the recommendations that I share with you in the book and on the WhatsApp forum. Be willing to work hard and BE TEACHABLE.***

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