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I just opened my first clinic in Stockton, CA during the beginning of the pandemic. I have had a really rough year from all angles, but Anna's coaching has helped me stay as focused as I could be given what happened. I recommend taking the first step towards your success and become the Elite version of yourself.

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I also opened up a new clinic this year. The lease was signed a day before the stay-at-home order was issued back in March. Officially opened August and this November I still made $5K more than November 2019. 

All this was possible because Anna helped me get my mindset in the right place. 

The remedy for stagnation is clarity, focus and action. 

Thank you, Anna Dolopo, for the continued support and guidance.​

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I also opened my new clinic in August! I have Anna Dolopo to thank for setting me up for success. I’ve made 20% more than my goal for each month and 300% more than pre-covid.

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I opened a new clinic this year too! I closed my clinic for 3 months from March - June 01. The first day I went back I knew instantly I needed to move to a bigger space, so in the midst of a pandemic I found a bigger space; double the size of my previous clinic. I had no fears or doubts because I feel Anna Dolopo‘s training/mentoring has got me into a very solid, confident position. I’m busier than ever;  people need us during this time of uncertainty and change. I love following all my fellow acupuncturists' journeys and seeing people thrive and soar. It’s really inspiring.

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Congratulations to everyone and their successes this year! I, too, opened my own office this year right before the pandemic. I went from renting and sharing space to doubling the size of the office and staff. I am grateful and blessed to be working with other practitioners and spreading the power of Balance Method (I take Dr. Eileen Han's classes). 

Mindset, confidence and clarity are what Anna has taught me. I am so grateful for all her lessons and continue to read and write everyday, which has made me a happier and more grounded person. She is an inspiration and a powerful example as displayed by her own successes and capacity to unconditionally invest in all her desires and goals. Thank you, Anna Dolopo, for guiding and leading all of us. 💚

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