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Law of Attraction
Zoom Seminar

Dr. Dolopo will be facilitating a LAW OF ATTRACTION Zoom seminar.

February 3, 2024


8 am Pacific Standard Time

We will start on time. 

This seminar is scheduled to go up to 2 hours. You can leave earlier or stay longer and chat with our colleagues, as the Zoom meeting won't be closed closed at exactly 10:00. 

$20 for Elite Black Belts

$40 for Licensed Acupuncturists

$50 for non-Licensed Acupuncturists

Register by paying and contact me by Telegram/WhatsApp/Text 1-619-341-4341 to confirm and receive the Zoom link.


2024 is OUR YEAR.

If you are a Licensed Acupuncturist
Pay here $40

If you are NOT a Licensed Acupuncturist
Pay here $50

If you are an Elite Black Belt
Pay here $20

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