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Dr. Shivali Panchal's Success!


5 years into practice

2.5 years working with me

Dr. Panchal has sought out several mentors and

continues to work hard to make her dreams realities.


DR. Panchal’s

Hard work




Consistency day in and day out

Self confidence

And so much more that she does behind closed doors

when the patients are gone


I am grateful that our work together is valuable to her.

At the end of every day, EACH doctor has to find it within herself to make magic happen.


Every mentor (like doctors) can provide TOOLS,

but we mentors cannot do the work for you.

Congratulations, Dr. Panchal, for doing the work and working overtime,

putting your dreams above comfort, and

having the sheer knowingness that

you have everything it takes to make complete your endeavors.

I am actively seeking clients who want more out of life.


Dr. Panchal makes it easy for me to work with her

because she brings to the table something money cannot buy:


If you want more money, I am committed to helping you achieve that goal.


Just like acupuncture, I am not THE solution,

but part of your success paradigm to help your create your life the way you envision.

After 5 years into practice (10 years in the medical world),

this powerful lady had her dream sports car delivered to her house.



is that.

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