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130 S. Caparral Ct., Ste. 150

Anaheim Hills, CA 92808
(714) 941-9870

Dr. Panchal has been practicing acupuncture since 2010 and

has been committed to The Balance Method since 2017.

Dr. Shivali was also a student of chiropractic medicine for 2 of the years during her Integrative medical training.

"I am a Physician of Integrative & East Asian Medicine because it is a

platform that allows me to extend my mission to serve others

and help improve their quality of life.

I find great joy in providing a holistic option for those that are suffering with modern day dysfunctions.

I chose to be one of Anna's Elite Black Belts for 3 specific reasons:

1. To gain more confidence in my approach

and reach more people in my community. 

2. To learn from a successful mentor that paved the way for herself.

3. To learn how to preserve/conserve my energy while helping more people." 

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