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The Mental Acumen of Successful Acupuncturists

Zoom Seminar

July 25



10 am-1 pm 



The intention of this Zoom training is to increase your income by $100,000+ within 1-5 years, depending on how much you work on these skillsets.



Dress up

This is a business event

You MUST be physically present on Zoom. No “name” on screen.

If you can’t make it, no need to tell me.

Blue pen

White paper


No typing notes


  1. Acting like a successful acupuncturist

  2. Branding yourself correctly

  3. Creating a full schedule

  4. Cultivating powerful and meaningful relationships

  5. Developing leadership skills

  6. Dressing for success

  7. Earning the trust from your community everywhere you go - in and out of your county

  8. Handling challenging patients

  9. Having the right mentality every day at work

  10. How your smile makes more money

  11. Increasing self confidence

  12. Keeping your practice full

  13. Making a positive name for yourself in your county

  14. Making videos

  15. Networking

  16. Organizational skills

  17. Participating in memberships throughout your county

  18. Positive behavior

  19. Rescheduling patients 

  20. Setting your patients up for success

  21. Setting yourself up for success

  22. Training your staff to answer your phone correctly and saying exactly what patients need to hear in order to schedule on the spot

  23. Transmuting negative situations into beneficial situations

  24. Transmuting negative energy into positive energy

  25. Utilizing social media

  26. And more so much more


3 hour Seminar

Admission into EBB forum

Does not include private consultation 

Does not include Anna’s videos

Does not include subscription 

Cost for Elite Black Belts:


Includes 30 minute phone consultation 



Cost for $100/month HAPPY CLUB PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT SUBSCRIBERS (they get 30-minute phone consultations  for PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT - NOT on business consulting)


For active subscribers 



Cost for $500/month ELITE BLACK BELT PROGRAM 


For active subscribers 

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