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Elite Black Belt
Dr. Marlene Vong

Vinh Hua Hong

Chinese Herbal Pharmacy and Traditional Chinese medicine


4619 Convoy St Ste A-1 San Diego, CA 92111

(858) 694-0339

Anna, since having you be my mentor, my life has changed for the better.


My perspective in life has radically changed. Also, my quality of life has improved because of my personal growth, which naturally improved my personal and professional relationships as well. I was generally a positive person before, but since meeting you, I wake up every morning with a renewed sense of fulfillment and empowerment. I am grateful every day for everyone and everything I have.


Thank you Anna! You are like my guardian Angel and I am forever grateful for everything you do, not just for me, but for this world in general. The good you are, the good you spread, simply with your presence is contagious.

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