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Phone Consultations

Anna Dolopo, L.Ac., offers phone consultations to any doctors in the world who want to earn more money.

These consultations are especially useful to acupuncturists.

The goal is primarily on MAKING MORE MONEY. 

Acupuncturists, Anna's program is focused on her formula of Business Acumen 1-2-3:

  1. ​Make MORE MONEY.

  2. HELP more patients.

  3. Feel happier and more confident in your practice

The Business Acumen of Successful Acupuncturists is designed to help you MAXIMIZE your practice to capacity, so that you can help as many people as possible who are suffering from all kinds of ailments and EARN MORE MONEY.​

You can read about Anna's acupuncture track record at on her website

Anna is  very proud to be a faculty member with The Academy of Acupuncture.

The cost is $500 (U.S. dollars) per hour.  We start on time. 

Personal Meeting:

The cost is $1500 up to three hours.


If you would like an appointment, please send Anna a message on TELEGRAM 1-619-341-4341 and we will set up an appointment. 

Anna's track record is a result of her belief in constant and never-ending improvement, professionally and  personally.

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