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Ph.D. (Biochemistry), L.Ac., C.Ht.

10110 Molecular Drive
Suite 214, Rockville, MD 20850

(240) 328-8169

Dr. Wang has been practicing acupuncture and hypnosis since 2005 and

The Balance Method since 2014. 

"I became an acupuncturist because I wanted to help families resolve pain and gain peace, vitality, and joy. My dream is to create a happier community. Patients, families, and myself have benefited so much from acupuncture and hypnosis. 

I became one of Anna's Elite Black Belts to streamline my practice and

SHARE the transformation with the community more."

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Testimonial #1

I started seeing Emily once my wife found out about her work through her friends. I have allergies, chemical sensitivities and asthma. I have been seeing Emily to improve my health and also my athletic performance. I have been working on hypnosis and the benefits were quite instant for me and it has been remarkable.

I am much more focused and in the zone as an athlete and I deal with stress a lot better. I noticed huge difference in short time. It has been improving all aspects of my life. My food sensitivities and chemical intolerance have improved dramatically over the last 2 months I have been working with her and I look forward to my seasons. My immune systems has been responding well and getting stronger. It has been a life changing experience.

Emily breaks down the technique and teaches you how to get in this state. It has been an amazing tool. I worked on transcendental meditation for about 5 years and studied, breathing techniques and yoga but this technique has been the most powerful I came across. I highly recommend Emily to everyone and have been always recommending her to my friends and family.


Emily is, quite frankly, amazing. I have been taking my family to her for around 2 years now and never cease to be amazed by her insight, and gentle, healing manner.


Combining hypnotherapy with acupuncture, she is able to relate to everyone in my family, including my 11-year old son, and their challenges. I have seen an allergic reaction reduce, stress come down tremendously, coughs reduce and more ... all in one session.

I highly recommend her. It's a place for good old-fashioned care where she is genuinely concerned about each client and does everything she can to assist.


I am thankful to God that Emily is there to help mothers like me and other families. As a mother, I was worried about my kid. He had fears and low self-esteem. He would be scared in the night. When this continued for more than six months, I felt I have to find some solution. I am a firm believer in natural way of healing. I was not sure what would be solution for this.Then I came across Insight Family medicine while searching on the internet. Not only did she help him but she helped me also to work out my worries and anxieties.

She is very understanding and caring. She understand what exactly you go through as a mother. I do not have words to express how thankful I am to her.  I wish, I hope more people know that there is this solution available.

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