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More Cash

Less Insurance

Dear Anna, 

I'm sending this to you with immense gratitude and a thankful heart. It has only been 3 months, and my mind is blown at what has happened in my practice!


I have done EXACTLY what you have told me to do, and guess what? It works INCREDIBLY. Life changing. I feel so lucky to have this experience with you, someone who genuinely wants me to succeed!

Within 48 hrs of starting with you, my entire staff quit! Bam, just like that a raise of 6k/mo! Interestingly, I was paying them for 60 hrs of work each week, however, I did all of their tasks in 10 hrs. Keep in mind, I streamlined many tasks, so they would have been out of work anyway and did go on to better more suitable jobs for what they wanted in their lives!



Troublesome PI cases have been settling quickly,  I have received more thank gifts and cards from patients these past 2 months than my whole career. I suddenly rarely receive calls for the most difficult insurance carriers and instead lovely cash patients call. 

Revenue increase 25% 

Happiness increase 150%

Productivity increase 150%

Still seeing 100-115 pts/week, however,  30 of these visits are cash, and before only 10 were cash. 2 of these cash pts have included functional medicine into their care which 1 hour of FM=10  ASH patients.

I removed all of the insurance emblems from my website. 

Today, I terminated 7 insurance contracts. It felt exhilarating! I thanked all of them(bc I did learn a lot) and smiled and stayed happy the whole time. I wished all the customer service reps love and joy! 

Thank you again for the training!  I can't wait to send the next update.

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