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June 12, 2020


Part 2

10:00 am PST

Minimum 2 hours

Up to 4 hours

$50 for Elite Black Belts

$75 for Non-EBBs


Part 1 was May 27, 2020

1. Write down with blue pen and white paper why you chose your profession as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine or Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine or Licensed Acupuncturist. 

2. Write down your 10 strengths as a doctor/practitioner.

3. Write down your 10 weaknesses as a doctor/practitioner.

4. Write down your 3 major goals that you want to accomplish for the rest of 2020. 

5. How do you look at challenges? What is your ability to overcome your "problems?"


6. On a scale of 1-10, how ADAPTABLE are you to challenges/situations/"problems?"


7. Rate your work ethic on a scale of 1-10. 


8. Are you always clear with your daily intentions?


9. How are you when you handle confrontations?


10. When miscommunication happens, rate your level of of anxiety on a scale of 1-10. 


11. Do you clearly understand that you are running a business?


12. How do you feel about the fact that YOU are in the service industry? What does this statement mean to you. Do you put SERVICE FIRST?


13. Is YOUR service from the heart? Do your patients feel your passion in your work? 


14. Why do you think it is important for patients to feel your passion as a doctor/practitioner?


15. What separates you from the herd?


16. Do you want to be like everyone else? Do you want to do what everyone is doing?


17. Do leaders follow the herd? Define what a leader is to you. List 10 characteristics of what a leader is. 


18. Do you think it is important for a doctor to act and behave like a leader?  

19. Are you happy? Does your family think you are happy? Do you EXUDE happiness to your patients?

20. Describe how your patients view you. BE HONEST.


22. How often do you praise people?

23. How often do you give recognition to people?

24. How often do you make your family feel like they are superheroes in your life?

25. Name 10 people in your life whom you can give recognition to TODAY authentically. 

26. Why do you feel it is important to be in the habit of giving people recognition?

27. What are is your burning desire?

28. When you are listening to your patients, do you make eye contact with them?

29. Do you really make your patients feel like they are important?

30. Do you feel like you are an important member of society? How?

31. Do you ask patients for referrals?

32. Do you feel confident to ask your patients to refer their friends, family, colleagues and associates to you?

33. Do you send your patients cards in the mail? Either handwritten or sent from an online program?

34. Do you think it is important to send information to your patients in the mail?

35. Do you text your patients?

36. Do you email your patients?

37. Do you ask your patients what their intentions are?

38. Do you make your patients feel that stating their intentions MATTER in their healing process?

39. What is your definition of intention? Do you understand its significance in each person's life?

40. Do you go above and beyond your patients' expectations?

41. Do you believe that you have competition in your field?

42. Who are your competitors?

43. What can you do to create your niche in your community as a doctor/practitioner?

44. Do you refer to your colleagues - other doctors/licensed acupuncturists?

45. Why do you think it is important to create rapport with your colleagues within 10-30 miles?

46. Do you want your colleagues to refer patients to you?

47. Do you refer to other types of doctors/healers/practitioners/therapists?

48. Do you reach out to other practitioners in their related fields?

49. Do you have anywhere on your website or a quick list to share from your phone other healthcare professionals?

50. Are you humble?

Your attitude is everything.

Copyright Anna Katherine N. Dolopo 2020

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