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"Learn from someone who has what you want or has accomplished what you want!


If you're an acupuncturist wanting to grow or maximize your practice to capacity and are willing to work hard for it, this is a great program for you to consider. Anna is the real deal in the fact that she, herself, is currently practicing acupuncture and has a full practice, not to mention juggling being a super mom of 3 kids and partaking in other hobbies, physical sports and business endeavors. More so, Anna continues to strive for bigger and better, which is an important trait when seeking a mentor.

This program has helped me grow, not only as a practitioner and business owner, but as an overall person. It has changed my mindset and made me a happier, positive person in my day to day life. 

Anna is so incredibly generous with her time and gives so many gems and pearls of wisdom.  She openly tells you about her past experiences and teaches you how to handle difficult situations. 


Anna has given me direction, goals, numbers to strive for and keeps me accountable, not only in my practice but in life.

There are many platforms to learn from because Anna has established constant interaction through various social media mediums. She has created a group of like minded practitioners who also strive for more, and this group keeps me motivated. 

There should never be a halt in learning, thus Anna provides you with a wealth of resources to keep you on track. It is up to you how quick and far you can go. And Anna is sweet enough to check in even with her busy schedule.

Since starting the program, I've had my highest earnings and seen the most number of patients ever, in consecutive months. 

Our phone consultations keeps me focused and accountable.

She gives you specific action steps and and many ways "how" you can improve your current practice. Not saying you can't be successful on your own, but why struggle by yourself when you can have someone who is so gracious with her previous experiences and can guide you in the right direction? 

But a lot of it comes down to the right mindset and putting in time and effort. 

I feel so grateful to have Anna guide me and inspire me. 

Anna is genuine and transparent with her patients and her mentees. She believes in her students and wants to see them grow so much that she promotes all of them on her website and social media. 

Thank you, Anna, for being a great role model and for your go-getting lioness power that motivates me to be the best version of myself and succeed."

Zen Tuan

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