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Anna's Elite Black Belt

1105 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Riverwoods, IL 60015


Dr. Bankier has been practicing acupuncture since 2010 and

The Balance Method since 2015. 


"I became an acupuncturist because I love helping and healing people, (would also love to heal animals). I especially love when patients come to see me as their last resort after going to so many other doctors who couldn't help them. 


I have chosen to be one of Anna's Elite Black Belts because she has and does exactly what I want for myself! Whenever I see Anna's blogs or posts, I think to myself (whether it be work-related and even with some personal postings on FB),

'I want to kick ass like Anna does.'"

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Patient Testimonial

When I first came to see Nanci for treatment, I was suffering from severe mood swings, anxiety, bouts of depression and was not sleeping well. In a word, I was a mess. From the very first treatment, I felt at ease with Nanci and knew that I was in good hands. I received acupuncture treatments once a week for about 4 months, over which time my symptoms got much better. With each treatment I felt more balanced, calm, and my sleep improved dramatically. I always felt like I had an ally in my healing process, and Nanci would at times even check in with me in between treatments to see how I was doing. I followed Nanci to her private practice at Natural Balance Healing Centers, where I continued receiving excellent care. As I continued to feel better, Nanci tapered off my treatment plan to every other week or whenever I felt like coming in. Now, I see her a couple times a month for maintenance and also because it makes me feel great! Nanci is a vibrant and compassionate person, and a truly gifted healer. My quality of life has improved greatly in her hands, and I would encourage anyone looking for relief from their own symptoms, however slight or severe, to see her.


It was a Saturday afternoon when I first found Nanci. I was in terrible pain from fibromyalgia.  I called many acupuncturists, and Nanci took the time to call me back when I left a message.  On the phone she was very knowledgeable and asked some questions about my symptoms. I made an appointment with her that Monday.  I was impressed with Nanci on the phone, but in person she is even better.  She is so very competent and complete in her assessment.  She put me at ease.  Her office is lovely, and very upscale.  She always takes the time that is needed, and I never feel hurried or rushed.  I have been seeing Nanci for acupuncture treatments for stress and a sleep disorder.  I have seen Nanci for about 2 months now, and I am feeling much better.  I also would recommend the cupping that she performed on me for muscle tension relief. It was fantastic.  She has a great touch and makes you feel very comfortable. I actually look forward to my sessions with her.  She has made both diet and life style suggestions, both have been extremely helpful.  I recommend anyone who is looking for acupuncture treatments to contact Nanci.  I only use the best professionals for my health.  You only have one body.  Nanci is among the very best.  I am so glad I found her and she has made a difference in my health!  Thank you Nanci.


In an attempt to seek relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I sought acupuncture at NBHC. In three months, I have made remarkable strides.  I am now able to lift heavy pots, do push ups and sleep better - all as a result of the care I've received from Nanci.  She is an extremely informed, professional and sensitive acupuncturist and treats both her patients and her profession with the utmost respect. Acupuncture at NBHC has changed my life and I would recommend this approach to anyone seeking more balance in his/her life.