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Prior to hiring Anna Dolopo as my trusted mentor, I averaged about 100 patients a month (roughly 25 patients a week in 4 working days). After our first consultation, I increased my patient load to 134 patients in just one month. So far, we’ve had 2 consultations and I just finished my busiest month on record with 141 patients in 18 days of work for the month of July. My income has increased on average, 30% more since I started my intensive work with her. 

I love the “Business Acumen for Successful Acupuncturists” program. 

I am much more focused, efficient, and energized even after a long day of treating patients. My confidence is growing and that is the most valuable bonus gift I could receive. It is important to follow the protocol and write in Anna’s book daily, participate in the activities, and to subscribe to her topic-based videos. I am also a member of her various book clubs where we discuss various topics and learn. I am grateful that she is so accessible and involved in the program. There is constant feedback and opportunities to keep growing.


She has helped me on so many levels as both a doctor and in my personal life.


I highly recommend this program – be ready to roll up your sleeves and put in some serious work while enjoying the results of more money, more patients and a greater feeling of joy!

Happily grateful,

Shivali Panchal, DACM,  FNT, L.Ac.

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